Why Buy From Us


JDM Ignition Pro was formed to help the growing demand from Honda enthusiasts and JDM car lovers alike find ultra-high-quality direct replacement ignition parts, without having to scour the internet searching through multiple sites. With the LARGEST selection of JDM Ignition parts anywhere, we’ve made finding the right part for your Honda a breeze. We combined over a decade of ignition parts experience with our love for the Honda engines to make a one stop shop for all your ignition needs. Whether you are just looking for a replacement wire set or looking for an all-out high-performance ignition to complete your turbo build, JDM Ignition Pro has you covered!

JDM Ignition Pro is proud to offer exclusively Dragon Fire Performance Products.


About Dragon Fire Performance

DragonFire offers a full range of race-proven high-performance ignition products for many of today's most popular Honda applications including high performance plug wire sets, ignition coils, distributors, accessories, and more. Manufactured with premium grade materials only, all products are engineered to provide peak ignition performance and spark energy. With over a decade of R&D and feedback, DragonFire works closely with motorsport customers and Tier 1 ISO-9001 & IATF-16949 certified manufacturers to produce some of the best ignition products on today's market!